Coaching senior employees


The importance of employability is especially valid for senior employees. The competition is tough with the younger generations in an increasingly flexible labor market. Formerly used to the idea of ​​a ‘job for life’, reality shows that they have to start thinking and acting how to stay ‘on the right professional track’ and remain employable.

Echteld Consult supports:

Echteld Consult supports the typical career questions of senior employees:

  • How do I remain employable and relevant to the labor market?
  • How can I continue working up to an older age in a fit and healthy way?
  • How can I put my seniority, expertise, and experience to good use for the organization?
  • How do I stay in good contact with my work environment? For example, when it comes to complex guidelines or younger colleagues?
  • Can I make one last career move? What are my options?
  • What motivates me? Where can I find inspiration? What are my personal motives? What do I still want to achieve professionally? Is this it? Who am I and what do I stand for?

Offer Echteld Consult:

EC has designed a career tool to support the career questions of senior employees. The toolkit focuses on increasing the so-called ‘meta-competencies, which enable the employee to reflect on the skills and competences needed in the labor market. Meta-competencies include personal effectiveness, organizational sensitivity, flexibility and taking responsibility for one’s own career.



  • who are able to reflect on which skills and competences are needed in the labor market;
  • who then know how to take action on it;
  • who are able to acquire the required skills and competences, for example through training and education;
  • who therefore remain employable on the labor market.