Introducing: Clyde Echteld

“Caminante, no hay camino. Se hace camino al andar”
Joan Manuel Serrat

My name is Clyde Echteld. Director of Echteld Consult Training and Coaching. 

I have been coaching and training professionals for over 10 years. My specialism is growing people into self-aware, confident, assertive and career-aware leaders, who are able to grow others to become the same.

I have grown into this specialism through my work in Western companies operating in Africa, where local professionals work in Western cultural contexts to which they need to adapt. And the other way around, Western professionals who need to adapt to local customs and local workers.

The tools that I put into effect are executive coaching, career coaching, and communication & management skills training, which are grafted onto the understanding and application of human interaction processes which we all have in common, across different cultural contexts.

Clyde Echteld
Director Echteld Consult