‘Calling a staff member or a colleague to account and keeping a good relation’

Setting of the workshop:

Sometimes people do and say things in the workplace that directly or indirectly affect you in a negative way.


  • Your colleague gives a worthless presentation to clients.
  • Your colleague interrupts you constantly during meetings.
  • A staff member is always late and subsequently misses important meetings.

Usually, it’s not that easy to address the actions of others, because people seldom welcome unsolicited feedback. They might get angry, ignore you or start a quarrel. To prevent the drama that might unfold, we keep quiet. Tensions rise and we might start avoiding the people in question or even start talking behind their backs. These circumstances will get in the way of a healthy working relationship and will affect the team performance ultimately.

The moment you get to understand how to give proper feedback, it becomes a lot easier to express what’s on your mind. This workshop will teach you how to call someone to account on his/her behavior while keeping a good relation.

Echteld Consult supports with:

  • addressing without judgment;
  • dealing with emotion and intentions;
  • cognitive dissonance and self-justification as logical reactions & how to deal with these.


Professionals who know how to give proper feedback and know how to handle the conversation in a way other people feel respected and accept your message.