Career Planning and Management Development

Echteld Consult advises in career planning and Management Development.

Career planning and Management Development (MD) are important HR-instruments regarding committing and preserving your qualified staff: the right person for the right position.

Career planning and MD serve two goals:

  1. It fills the organization’s need for competent, motivated employees for a short, a medium and a long time period.
  2. The development and the motivation of staff, based on their own specific needs and potential.

The elements of a good career planning and MD are:

  1. The identification of the needs and potential of the employee, through psychological and capacity testing and career counseling.
  2. The mapping of the future organization.
  3. The alignment of the individual career plan with the opportunities the organization is able to offer.
  4. The determination and the guidance of the individual career plan, through career counseling.

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