‘Coaching that stubborn or shaky employee, without getting into a “yes, but, no, but…” argument’

  • How do you get your underperforming staff member back on track, whereas he doesn’t seem to be receptive to your input?
  • How to manage your disillusioned project manager, who is under the impression he’ll never learn the new task?
  • How not to get overwhelmed by sticking to your objectives when facing a cocky staff member.

In this workshop we’ll teach you how to balance your leadership between supporting and directing a stubborn, cocky or shaky employee. He isn’t task-mature yet and therefore needs support. We’ll teach you what steps to take and the pitfalls you should avoid.

Elements of the approach:

  • Leading on the relationship and on the content
  • Coaching roadmap
  • Pitfalls and how to avoid them