‘Coaching that stubborn or shaky employee, without getting into a “yes, but, no, but…” argument’

Setting of the workshop:

The employee whose performance is not yet up to par and, what’s more, is not open to learning, poses a challenge to many managers.


  • The underperforming staff member needs to get back on track, whereas he doesn’t seem to be receptive to your input.
  • Your disillusioned project manager, who is under the impression that he’ll never learn the new task.
  • How not to get overwhelmed and to stick to your objectives while facing a cocky staff member.

Lots of times managers go along with the attitude of this type of employee. They don’t realize this is a logical step in the learning cycle of an individual. And before they know they end up in a ‘yes, but, no but argument’.

Support Echteld Consult:

In this workshop, we’ll teach you how to balance between supporting and directing a stubborn, cocky or shaky employee. Because he can’t fully perform the task, he needs support. We’ll teach you what steps to take and the pitfalls you should avoid.

Elements of the approach during the workshop:

  • Leading on the relationship and on the content
  • Coaching roadmap
  • Pitfalls and how to avoid them


Professionals who are able to coach not fully competent employees who are shaky, stubborn or cocky.