Life Coaching

personal coachingEC coaches you to become aware of your own strengths and qualities. Through awareness of: e.g. underlying patterns of behavior, your set of (hindering) values, needs and beliefs you will ultimately experience a broader scope, instead of feeling ‘stuck’. A broader scope through awareness offers you an enhanced sense of self-management in choosing the right actions or behavior in particular situations.

Possible perspectives in a life coaching programme

  • Exploration of your feelings and thoughts around a particular theme;
  • Sharing problems and emotions with someone who is not personally involved. In this way you can let off steam and make room for a fresh look at a situation;
  • Get feedback about your own behavior, in order to get more insight into your communication with others;
  • Experiment with new behavior and evaluate it in the interviews.

EC’s approach to life coaching is either solution-oriented or development-oriented. Find out more by clicking here.