‘Confidently saying ‘no’ and standing up for yourself’

Setting of the workshop:

Professionals in the workplace don’t always know how to voice their opinion by saying ‘no’ and thus standing up for themselves while keeping a good relationship with the other person.


  • A staff member needs resources from you as her manager, and you would like to say no her request;
  • You don’t have the courage to say ‘no’ to a request of a colleague, although you know you will end up with extra work that’s not your responsibility.
  • You want to draw a line to someone who gets too much into your space, and you hold back.

Often people hold their tongue because they’re afraid of the other person’s reaction. However, not standing up for yourself will make you feel miserable in the end. In some cases, you might end up feeling so fed up that you explode out of frustration and then you truly hurt the relationship.

Echteld Consult supports with:

  • development of assertive behavior;
  • voicing your opinion;
  • standing up for yourself;
  • keeping a good relationship with your conversation partner.

Elements of the approach during the workshop:

  • learning how to connect with your conversation partner;
  • applying the important skills of listening, asking questions and summarizing;
  • the effects of cognitive dissonance and self-justification;
  • replacing irrational beliefs with rational ones.


Professionals who are confident, pro-active and assertive during conversations, in which they have to stand up for themselves.