Executive Coaching

executive coaching

Leaders are managers who want to put their organization and their staff in motion and who would like to innovate successfully. Who themselves personify the change they want to introduce in their organization.

Leaders are managers who dare to let go the illusion of control and who want to invest in themselves being truly effective. That means leaving your comfort zone, daring to experiment and get feedback on that.

You dismiss the mindset that a leader always needs to know everything and needs to act and decide quickly. This will result in new perspectives, which will lead to new insights and new solutions.

Echteld Consult encourages you as a leader to make a journey into yourself, so you can manage from within. The main tools that are handed to you are self-questioning, the active experiment, reflection, and feedback. Executive coaching is a powerful instrument to gain more in-depth insights into your performance as a manager within an informal setting.

EC’s approach to life coaching is either solution-oriented or development-oriented. Find out more by clicking here.

Target groups: general managers, managers, project managers, team leaders, coordinators, advisors, consultants or for people who lead business units or their own company.

Possible perspectives in an executive coaching program:


Facilitates Change in Teams and Individuals