‘Focusing on what is important’

Setting of the workshop:

Sometimes people get absorbed by ad-hoc-activities, deadlines, social media, and other people’s requests. If this is a continuous situation, people might end up feeling tired and feel they are run by the ‘clock’.


  • You should instruct your staff on how to work with a new office application. However, you don’t know where to find the time.
  • You tell your kid: “No daddy, has no time to read to you, ask mummy.”
  • “I should plan for the new project, but this week I can’t do that, my calendar is too tight,” you tell your colleague.
  • You think: “I work too much, I should relax more and work out a lot more, otherwise I will be too stressed.”

People become reactive to their circumstances. There is always an outside cause: it’s the busy job, the obnoxious boss, the demanding spouse. Slowly, people feel they are losing sight of the big picture. This is when they spend too much time in their so-called Circle of Concern.

However, when they get to know the importance and the workings of the opposite Circle: the Circle of Influence, the more their sense of control grows. The more their personal leadership will manifest itself and the more proactive they will get.

Support Echteld Consult:

This workshop will teach you how to plan for the important goals in your life that reside in your Circle of Influence. You get to know how they are linked to the different roles you have professionally and privately. Furthermore, we’ll teach you how to fit the important goals into your busy schedule, resulting in a reduced number of ad-hoc activities.

Elements of the approach during the workshop:

  • Personal Mission Statement
  • Quality Personal Leadership Goals
  • Circle of Influence by Stephen Covey
  • Planning for the Quality Personal Leadership Goals


Pro-active leaders who grow their Circle of Influence by focusing on what’s important.