‘Moving from fighting, begging and requesting to truly negotiating’

  • ‘I want a higher salary, but I’m at the top of my scale!
  • ‘I want to renegotiate a higher tariff for my company’s services in my following contract. However, my client already said they have a lower budget next year.
  • How much turnover is realistic for a seller? And what is a fair bonus to go for?
  • Two partners argue about money: one wants to save more, the other wants to spend more. One does not want pocket money for the children, at most a savings account; the other finds pocket money ‘learning money’ and the children should be allowed to do whatever they want with it. How do they solve these disagreements?

Conflicts arise quickly in these situations. You try to convince the other of your arguments, but they equally oppose. It seems like there are only two options: whether you give up or you let the situation escalate.

In my training on negotiating, I’ll teach you the art of win-win negotiation, which is based on the Harvard rules (Fisher & Ury). It will enable you to bring any negotiation to a successful conclusion without sacrificing your interests.

Some elements in my approach:

  • Putting the problem on the table
  • Caring for the other person as well as for yourself
  • Searching for a win-win solution
  • Having an ace up your sleeve
  • Putting into practice your real-life situations