‘Moving from fighting, begging and requesting to truly negotiating’

Setting of the workshop:

Bargaining for the best outcome is a big part of our jobs.


  • ‘I want a higher salary, but I’m at the top of my scale!’
  • ‘I want to renegotiate a higher tariff for our services in the next contract. However, my client already told me they have a lower budget next year.’
  • How much turnover is realistic for a seller as a target? And what is a fair bonus to go for in case the target is achieved?

Conflicts can emerge quickly in these situations. You try to convince the other person with your arguments, which they might give in to or not. A lot of times it seems like there are only two options: whether you give up or you let the situation escalate.

Support Echteld Consult:

In this workshop, you will learn to negotiate to a win-win situation. You will learn how to be open about your own targets while emphasizing a mutually satisfying outcome. This level of openness paves the way to the winning of both parties.

Elements of the approach during the workshop:

  • the Harvard rules by Fisher & Ury;
  • putting the problem on the table;
  • caring for the other person as well as for yourself;
  • searching for a win-win solution;
  • having an ace up your sleeve;
  • putting into practice your real-life situations


More money and better relationships because of a positive ‘getting-to-yes’ business attitude.