Integrity Tests

The Test Toolkit offers three Integrity tests to test candidates on integrity (only for Dutch-speaking candidates). These Integrity tests can be used are separately or in combination, depending on the context. integrity

1. Open Integrity Tests
The open integrity questionnaire directly asks about integrity violations in the past, with a build-up of minor dysfunctional behavior to more serious offenses, such as committing crimes. This integrity test is only available customised, tailored to the client’s specific situation. Each job role has important questions, for example: for a driver, alcohol use is important and for a financial position, fraud and debts.

2. Moral Values
This integrity test provides insight into underlying values that are relevant to integrity. Moral Values are the sixth personality factor, alongside the other Big Five personality factors. People with low scores on Moral Values have a greater risk of integrity violations. This has been confirmed in academic research.

3. Dilemmas
The integrity test “Dilemmas” indicates which decision one makes when facing dilemmas. Candidates are presented with different dilemmas and about five follow-up questions for each dilemma.