intervisieEC offers guided team intervision, which is a form of guided peer review.

Intervision is an inspiring and proven developing tool that can be used within companies and organizations.

Intervision is a professional way of querying, analyzing and advising on what the participants bring to the table, by their peers.

Intervision is an educational, approachable and a systematic approach to situations in the working field and personal actions, focused on concrete solutions. By applying appropriate questioning, analysis and advice, intervision works on solving: e.g. professional problems, work-related problems, organizational changes, workload, learning issues and personal actions.

Guided intervision
Teams are guided by an experienced peer counselor and can (possibly) work independently thereafter. It may take several meetings before there is enough trust and safety before learning and depth are possible. Periodic evaluations assure that a group will develop into a group in which learning is possible.

Do not judge, do not discuss and do not come with solutions and advises, that’s intervision.

intervisie2Equality and safety
Intervision is based on equality. The emphasis is on mastering the intervision method in order to develop insight and problem solving skills of the participants. Based on professional collegiality, participants learn and gain insights quicker, enabling them to attain new perspectives and behavior. Eventually intervision will strengthen the organization’s learning ability.