Leadership VCT

The Leadership Video Competence Test (VCT) is a modern instrument to develop insight into management competences (only available for Dutch-speaking candidates).TT_Iconen_Test-Toolkit_DR-Situationeel-leidinggeven-100x100

This online digital role play is based on Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model. This is one of the most often-used leadership models. The various employees find themselves in different phases of development, motivation and competence. Three phases are presented during the VCT, in which these employees are confronted with a development. The candidate is tasked with dealing effectively with the employees in question.

This model enables gaining insight into a candidate’s preferred management style, namely instructional, coaching, participation or delegation.
Alongside the application – effective or otherwise – of the four different management styles, the Leadership VCT connects to a number of other important competences such as a result-driven approach, decision-making qualities, giving feedback, cooperation, willingness to consult, being assertive, conversation skills, persuasion, self-confidence and keeping sight of the bigger picture.
Feedback is also given with regard to the effectiveness of the behaviour shown by the candidate and a statement made regarding the self-insight of the candidate with respect to the same effectiveness.