Leadership VCT

The Leadership Video Competence Test (VCT) is an instrument to develop insight into management competencies (only available for Dutch-speaking candidates).TT_Iconen_Test-Toolkit_DR-Situationeel-leidinggeven-100x100

VCT is an online digital roleplay based on Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model. This is one of the most often-used leadership models.

The test depicts various employees in different phases of development, motivation, and competence. The candidate is tasked with dealing effectively with the employees in question.

The model enables insight into a candidate’s preferred management style (instructional, coaching, participation or delegation).

The VCT sheds light on a number of other important competences such as competencies:

  • decision-making qualities
  • giving feedback
  • cooperation
  • willingness to consult
  • being assertive
  • conversation skills
  • persuasion
  • self-confidence and keeping sight of the bigger picture

In conclusion, the VCT gives feedback on how to improve the performance of the candidate.