Career Counseling

CAREER COUNSELING 2During a career counseling programme you examine what you want to achieve professionally; what your competences and qualities are and the type of professional you want to be in your current or your new job.

You explore the past and the present on aspects as professional abilities, skills, preferred professional environments, sources of inspiration and favorite roles in a team. This will equip you  adequately in choosing a career that suits you best.

Action plan
Career counseling with EC is action-oriented. At the end of a career counseling program you receive a career report, including an action plan for the short term and longer term. If required EC supports its clients in researching the job market; preparing and focusing on particular jobs and to get ready for your job interview.

The regular programme
A career counseling programme at EC is intensive, thorough and involved. A programme consists of 8 sessions of 1.5 hours. The frequency is every two weeks a session. This means a programme will take approximately 4 months.

careercycleThe fast program
The fast program is, through the use of standardized tests and questionnaires, shorter in duration. This course includes 3-4 sessions.