Career Coaching


Professionals often choose a career based on expectations from their environment or what their friends were choosing at the time. However, having arrived at the current stage of life, they realize the fire isn’t burning and it’s now or never.

Often people stay at their job thinking the bills need to be payed after all or think they will figure out their new direction in time. Sometimes that works, but often because of a lack of understanding of what works in making career choices, the desired professional focus remains unclear. Which ultimately results in even more dissatisfaction.

Echteld Consult supports with:

Career coaching by Echteld Consult supports with questions such as:

  • Do I currently have the right job?
  • I am a senior, what can I do in this last professional stage of life with my qualities?
  • What is needed to make me feel better about my job?
  • Or do I want something else? And what might that be, and how will I get there?

Offer Echteld Consult:

During a career coaching program you’ll research within the context of the past, present and future:

  • who you are (e.g. through online certified personality tests; core qualities; learning styles; biographical lifeline analysis );
  • what you want (e.g. through your core-values; motivations, sources of inspiration, obstacles);
  • what you’re able to do (e.g. through your competence-analysis, core-quadrants, 360 feedback, team roles).

At the end of the research, you combine and sort the results together with the career coach, resulting in a few career scenarios, which will produce your career report and action plan.


Confidence in who you are, in what you are able to do and in what you want, resulting in a realistic and feasible action plan.

Examples of success stories:

Professionals who, after thorough research, have determined their new professional direction and have taken real steps in achieving their new career.