Open Space Technology (OST)

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Echteld Consult facilitates Open Space Technology sessions. What is Open Space Technology?

Open Space Technology (OST) is an effective approach to better meetings driven by self-management of the participants.

It can be a great tool to include people’s ideas whenever an organization wants to change and it needs the people to carry the change.

Does your organization lack a shared idea of a new strategy. Or are you in the dark of what new products and services to launch? Does this go hand in hand with different views or even conflict among your staff and stakeholders? Do you feel the urgency to act quickly because you are losing money and motivation of your staff?

Then Open Space Technology might be that tool:

  • to reach clarity on what should be the company’s next steps
  • to start creating new business
  • to build a coherent and motivated team
  • to stimulate leadership
  • to have big results in a short span of time
  • to appease conflicts


OST is a great way to build teams and to transact a great deal of business in a short period. Numerous organizations have used OST to break out of the mold and consider issues they never could quite get onto the agenda.

  • OST is fit for heterogeneous groups of 5 up to 2000 people.
  • The participants can be diverse regarding their education, ethnicity, economics, job positions, politics, social position etc.
  • There is no agenda. Participants come up with their own agenda, related to the theme of the open space
  • Participants self-manage themselves into workshops, which they also lead themselves.