How to deal with resisting employees

“Our staff resists change. We can’t get anything done. They are stuck to their old ways.”

If not addressed well, resisting change will cost the organization money, create a bad atmosphere in the team and lead to an inefficient use of time.

Did you know that resistance is actually a good thing, which should be valued and honored?

4 tips on how to deal with resistance

  1. Resistance can be an expression of bad experiences with the adopted change approach, which makes resistance an intelligent reaction of your staff. Therefore, it’s wise to use resistance as a source of information.
  2. Resistance prevents the damaging of interests, often those of superiors. Therefore, resistance can be a healthy input when people are allowed to stand up for their rights during negotiations.
  3. Resistance can be perceived as damage control by the lower ranked employees. A change approach that offers protection to them, will have a higher success rate.
  4. Resistance can mean holding on to something or someone valuable. If this isn’t acknowledged and honored, people will get attached to their resistance even more. Therefore, it’s wise to pay attention, talk about things and people, that people are afraid to let go of. Acknowledgment and honoring will enable the people to relax and to let go of their resistance.

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