Growing self-discipline regarding your time-management

The inefficient use of time costs organizations money and a lot of irritation when work gets derailed and nobody takes responsibility.

Echteld Consult helps your staff to manage their workload and time-allocation more efficiently, based on the Getting-Things-Done methodology.tim

The Getting-Things-Done methodology is more than handing over useful tricks.

It is about:

  • taking responsibility
  • being aware of your and other’s people agenda’s
  • the understanding of what is important and urgent
  • setting your boundaries.

Most of all, it’s about sitting in the driver seat when it comes to your planning.

Some tips to grow self-discipline regarding your time-management:

  1. Set clear, concrete, positive and achievable (SMART) goals
  2. Divide your work into smaller parts (smaller goals)
  3. Set a small number of goals
  4. Focus your attention. Funnel your energy, resources and time. This will enhance your progress
  5.  Reward yourself when you’ve achieved something, create small wins
  6. Make agreements with yourself and stick to them

Most of all, be patient. Growing self-discipline takes time.

In a two-day training, Echteld Consult hands over the tools and understanding in order for your staff to get things done.

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