Organizational Constellation In Action

On a beautiful, sunny Friday in January 2017, I facilitated an organizational constellation in my garden in Nairobi.

A client wanted to clarify how to move forward with his professional career and his business.

11 people gathered to be part of the constellation as representatives. They didn’t know the client but were curious and open to experience. Some were new to the concept of constellations and some were experienced, representatives.

The client introduced his challenge. First, he chose someone to represent himself in the constellation. As the constellation progressed more people were chosen to represent his wife, his business, his fears, his sense of security amongst others. Once constellated the representatives immediately became aware of the dynamics of the client’s issue. Emotions like feeling overwhelmed, insecure, happy were felt by the representatives in proportion to each other.

After questioning and moving the representatives around for a while, thus deepening the dynamics, the organizational constellation came to a balance. And so, offering the client the clarity he was looking for.

Organizational constellations marvel me every time.

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