Team Flow

Successful teams have team flow. Think of rock bands like U2 and the Rolling Stones or the Spanish soccer team winning the World Cup. These are all teams that perform in a streamlined way. The team members complement each other based on their personal qualities. Together they propel the team towards a situation, in which everything seems to go automatically and smoothly. Teams like this are in a so-called flow.

Team coaching focuses on building generative relationships within the team. Generative relationships are relationships that are based on collaboration, synergy and the process of co-creation. This is what creates flow.

Team building is based on five aspects:
1. Authentic communication;
2. Shared leadership;
3. Complementary qualities;
4. Common passion;
5. Synergetic identity.

These five aspects will develop best when the individual belief systems don’t limit the group’s performance and when the social dynamics within the group are good. These prerequisites are the primary subject of EC’s interactive approach.

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