Organizational Constellations

Echteld Consult facilitates organizational constellations. Organizational constellations are aimed at solving complex organizational problems. This tool is great for getting teams and organizations moving when they want to change.

Organizational constellations belong to the Systemic School, which perceives an organization as a collection of different parts. Parts are e.g. staff members, departments, teams, customer groups, job positions, strategies etc. The organizational parts get their meaning within the context of the greater whole.

Parts can get entangled in organizational patterns, which could lead to all kinds of different effects within an organization: absence through illness, conflicts, loss of productivity and lack of creativity.

An organizational constellation can render new insights in stubborn organizational issues, which will shed light on new solutions.

When is an organizational appropriate to apply?

  • When certain patterns reoccur and persist, both in time and at multiple spots in the organization.
  • The causes of the problems are unclear.
  • Interventions don’t work or aren’t constructive.
  • Energy seems to leak away, even when new staff arrives.

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