coaching on the jobBy means of outplacement Echteld Consult assists employees to re-orientate in the job market and to transition to new jobs.

Outplacement is often offered, by an employer, in the following cases:

  • Reorganization
  • Downsizing
  • Labour conflict
  • An employee gets stuck in his or her career

In these cases the employer might take up the option of terminating the labor contract with its employees. By offering an outplacement program an employer facilitates the transition to the next step in the careers of its employees.

Echteld Consult delivers outplacement through one-on-one sessions or in groups. Topics include career guidance; career evaluation; job-searching skills; how to target the job market; resume writing; interview preparation and salary negotiations.

An outplacement program consists of the following phases:

  1. Processing of grief, anger, doubt etc. These feelings usually occur whenever an employee has to leave the company due to a conflict or reorganization. It takes time to get over these negative feelings. The processing is important because once that is done, people are able to move on.
  2. Self-examination.To apply effectively for a job, you ought to know what you want. Therefore, self-examination constitutes an important part of an outplacement course. Researched questions are: who am I, what am I able to do, what do I want, where can I find it? Often a test, which can determine choices of careers, is part of the outplacement program. Moreover, self-examination can possibly point out the need for further education.
  3. Job interview training.People who are in outplacement often lack the experience of applying for jobs, because they didn’t have to do that for a long time. Consequently, in an outplacement course, CV writing is an important part, as well as how to write application letters and how to perform in job interviews.
  4. Job search.After completing the previous steps the candidate will start looking for a job. During the job search, he/she will be adviced and supported by Echteld Consult.

Outplacement gives focus to employees regarding their next career steps. A positive side effect is that the company will be evaluated favorably by the remaining staff regarding its exit policies.Outplacement