‘Supporting the competent, but insecure or unwilling employee to get back on track, without taking over the wheel’

Setting of the workshop:

The competent employee who is good at this job, but is also doubtful or unwilling.


  • “I am not sure if I can do this.”
  • “What should I do first; what’s the first step in this project?”
  • “I don’t want to do this anymore, I am fed up doing this!”

In these cases some managers will dismiss the employee’s doubts: “Sure, you can do it.” Or they start managing the employee on the content. Usually, this doesn’t work, because it will only make your staff less competent.

Support Echteld Consult:

In this part of the workshop, we’ll teach you how to manage skilled staff, that underperforms, by encouraging them and thus building their self-confidence.

Elements of the approach during the workshop:

  • Signaling uncertainty and unwillingness
  • Support roadmap:
    • Identifying the problems
    • Moving to solutions
  • Pitfalls and how to avoid them


Managers who know when and how to build their competent staff’s self-confidence in situations, they appear insecure or unwilling.