Three forms of organizational constellations

1. Individual input with blocks and forms

An individual brings in his or her issue regarding an organization.This individual could be a team member or the manager. The team itself is not involved. In this option, I work face-to-face with the client with the use of blocks and forms that represent the elements in the organization.

This option costs $75 for a session of 1,5-2 hours.

2. Individual input with representatives

An individual brings in his or her issue regarding an organization. The constellation is then done with 5-8 actual people (not the team members), who we call representatives and who I gather from my network.

This option costs $150 for a session of 1-2 hours.

3. Organizational constellation with the participation of team members
An organizational constellation will be part of a team day, which will address the organizational issues from a systemic approach. Because the team members will be part of the organizational constellation later that day, the building of trust and security is done during the first part of the team day. During the second part, the organizational constellation takes place.
A team day costs $400.