‘In charge of your time and agenda’

  • Want to balance your work and your personal life?
  • Or, you would like to manage all activities best in relation to time without always being in a rush and feeling overwhelmed?
  • Or, when you realize you can’t meet the deadline for an assignment, and you need to request for another time extension?
  • Or, you would like to prioritize, but you think all work is urgent?
  • Or, you can’t say ‘no’ to other people’s work.
  • Or, when you can’t get your work done, because you always seem to procrastinate.

My training ‘Time Management’ addresses these difficult situations regarding time management.  This training is based on David Allen’s methodology -Getting Things Done-.

Some elements in my approach:

  • How do I perform now and is it effective?
  • What is expected of me?
  • What is important and what is urgent?
  • How can I organize my work differently by using Getting Things Done?
  • How can I organize my mail more efficiently?
  • How do I keep up the good work?
  • Supportive communication skills.