’Tune your management style to your employee’s need’

  • Your employee has a problem, and you give her advice. After some time you find out that she totally has ignored your advice.
  • Your employee thinks he knows it all, but you notice he makes a lot of mistakes. When you address this, he starts to argue and to mope.
  • What do you do when your ICT-manager is good at his job, but at the same time, he is not able to motivate his staff to perform at their best?

In this training on Situational Leadership, we’ll teach managers:

  • how to approach their employees in a way that is appropriate to their level of development and motivation.

Some elements in my approach:

  • how to assess one’s competence;
  • how to switch between supportive and directive leadership;
  • how to deal with your inclination to intervene in your employee’s performance;
  • how to increase the self-confidence of your employees;
  • how to grow your employee’s task-maturity