What inspires me

Clients and colleagues regularly tell me that they feel comfortable with me and that they feel heard without judgment. I like to hear that because I think that is part of the work that I do. Letting people feel that they are okay.

Assumptions and beliefs are the basis of our thinking and acting; how we see the world actually. In my work as a coach and trainer I am inspired by assumptions and beliefs from clients, which arise from positions of black/brown-white; man-woman; young-old; expat-local; career-no career; straight-gay; manager-employee, and extravert-introvert.

As a constantly learning professional, I offer my clients, from a growing number of perspectives, the tools to gain influence in their actions and thinking concerning their work, career and private life.

Why I’m able to do this? Simply, because these are lessons learned from my own private and working life.

Facilitates Change in Teams and Individuals